Dragonlance 5e

Dragons of Many Colors

With the discovery of Fistandantalus’s tower, the group decided word should be sent back to the refugees. Zuul volunteered to return and was able to make extremely quick time. He even sent Telia and Fass back to the tower to assist with further exploration.

In the meantime, the party decided it was worth the risk to dispel the dome of statis around the metallic colored brown dragon and the goblin. Auri touched a piece of iron to the dome, and just like that, the magical dome dissipated. The dragon and goblin carried on as if no time had passed, with the dragon quickly snatching the goblin in his jaws and swallowing him in two bites. The companions were pleasantly surprised at how easily this new dragon took a liking to them. He was a bit brash, but friendly. Kyriel attempted to explain to the dragon how much time had passed, and Blaze, while somewhat unsettled by this, took the news much better than then they would have guessed or hoped. Blaze was simply happy to hear that everyone was still going down to Thorbardin, the same destination Fistandatulus’s army was going. He was happy to help out. Blaze was also able to fill in some of the knowledge gaps the party had regarding good and evil dragons, informing them that for the most part, metallic colored dragons (copper, brass, bronze, silver and gold) were good, while chromatic dragons (white, blue, green, black and red) were evil. They could also breath various forms of dragonbreath – fire, lighting, ice, sleeping gas, poison… All good info to have seeing as dragons don’t seem to be as rare or mythical as everyone always thought!

Before they began their search for Thorbardin, however, they needed to find the “key” they had been searching for. As such, they continued their exploration of their tower – starting with the mysterious crack in the back wall that didn’t appear on their map. When they entered, they were confronted with a large waterfall obscuring a small island in the middle of a small lake. And to their great joy, the island seemed to be covered in a small horde of treasure! Sensing something unusual, the party approached cautiously. Dunk climbed upon Blaze’s back and the pair set off to scout the island. Before they could reach it, however, a great plume of necrotic energy emitted from the apparent owner of the treasure – a shadowy black dragon that had been perched above. Fortunately, Blaze was quick and Dunk ducked at just the right moment. Both dragon and rider were able to avoid the worst of the foul breath, but the effects were still major. Having seen enough dragons to satisfy his kender curiosity, Fass took everything he had learned and put it to the test. He struck the black beast precisely in its tender spot, stunning it. This made it an easy target for the rest of the group. Blaze and Dunk attacked from above, Telia teleported across the water to attack, and Auri and Kyriel blasted away from their ledge. The dragon went down quickly and they disposed of the body in the lake. In the horde, they found a nice pair of boots, a number of gems, and enough steel pieces to even satisfy Blaze’s innate lust for coin.

After taking care of the dragon, there was little of consequence left on this level that concerned the party. They found some spectral dancers with some more wights hiding in the Ballroom, but they posed little real threat. They then defeated a platoon of ghosts led by a spectral officer, but again, released these unfortunate undead to their final resting place before any of the party was in any real danger. The barracks they found themselves in seemed as good a place as any to recover from the few wounds they did have, so they barred the door and bunked down. Tomorrow, they will need to explore the lower floors of the tower and face whatever else Fistandatulus’s magic created or corrupted.


Zayander Zayander

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