Dragonlance 5e

Prisoners Dilemna

- The party explored the cellars of the eastern tower of Pax Tharkas, freeing two adventurers held prisoner, found a dozen gully dwarf servants, over 100 women captured from the villages and Plains to the north, and Elistan – the former leader of the Seekers in the region.

- They learned that the women’s children are being guarded by an ancient dragon called Flamestrike who thinks they’re hers, and that the menfolk are enslaved in the mines to the south of the fortress

- In addition, they learned that dragonbreath snapped the massive chain that supported thousands of tons of rocks above the gatehouse, they fell, and sealed the gates closed, trapping the Dragonarmy north of the fortress but unsure if this is a good thing or a bad thing…

- The adventurers eliminated a number of guards on the ground floor, came face to face with Pyros – the Highlord’s personal dragon, and resurrected a burnt Sin with the Blue Crystal Staff, which disappeared into thin air after doing so

- Fass was found, alive and well, in a prison cell adjoined to the Highlord’s own chamgers – the kender claims he was knocked unconscious by dragonbreath, then magically healed and interrogated by the Highlord (“Kender tales!” someone says)

- Within the Highlord’s office and military maps showing Dragonarmy forces surrounding the elven kingdom of Qualinesti to the north

The group must now figure out how to regroup and regain their strength before carrying out their further plans (whatever those may be) to free the 100+ prisoners.


Zayander Zayander

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