Dragonlance 5e

The tunnel, the temple, and the subterranean lieutenant

Acting on a hunch, Telia touched the blue crystal Staff of Mishkal to Dunk. The staff flashed and Dunk’s mind was restored, but noticeably at the cost of some amount of the innate power within the staff. As for the rest of the town, the party decided to begin searching the tunnels beneath the Golden Grain Inn. They quickly encountered and dispatched three quogoths by having Quetzal cleverly disguise their own (or their master’s) pit trap, luring them in, and Zayander lighting them on fire. Searching the basement rooms more thoroughly turned up a small pile of steel pieces, an enchanted bandolin that Fas was curious about, and a longsword a little too eager for a fight now wielded by Telia.

Following the tunnels deeper, the party observed the telltale signs of your typical evil operation – torture room, coffin making workshop, and a group of thug dragonmnn patrols. They quickly killed all but one patrolling coppery skinned guards (who melted into pools of acid upon death). The survivor, Mizot, was charmed and informed them that Misha (the temple priestess) was the head of the unit, that two families had been made into pod people, along with the two town guards and the constable. Mizot also described two of Misha’s superiors – Sizath, who worked on his own agenda in his underground lair just outside of town, and Lord Verminaard who oversaw the entire dragonman army. Mizot then proceeded to escort the party into the temple via the secret passage and introduce them as allies to Misha. With some not-so-quick thinking (and maybe a little luck), the party was able to convince Misha that they had been sent by Lord Verminaard himself and that she was to take her platoon out of the town immediately.

Mizot was still acting friendly, so the troupe asked him to lead them to Sizath’s lab, which he kindly did, only to be repaid with a dagger (or two) in the back.


Zayander Zayander

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