Dragonlance 5e

Journey from Solace

The unusual band meet up in the treetop town of Solace. After a brief questioning by some overweight hobgoblin and his goons, they shared a drink or two in the tavern. A few of the group began listening to the tales of a wizened old man near the hearth. Upon completion of his tale of Huma the Knight, the man made a request – journey to the east and find an ancient book made of gold and deliver a blue crystal staff to a statue in some ruins in the swamp.

It sounded like a grand adventure and the group heartily agreed. After a quick stop at the local merchant, they were off. A few days journey out of the city, they came across a distraught farmlady. Her son had gone missing in the nearby wood. Being expert trackers, the troop took to the woods, tracked down the hag and her toadish friend/fiend, ate her soup, was given a black crystal staff to take to the same statue, and then ended the hags miserable life. They also received a cryptic warning from the hag’s severed head about her master returning and putting an end to Mishakal, but the head was smashed before it could say more. They returned the kidnapped boy to his mother unharmed and continued on their way.

A few days into the plains, after being escorted through the lands of the Que-kiri, and while settling down for the night, the group was startled by a man running across the fields chased by three figures in dark robes and ghostly ceramic masks. Strangely, the figures turned to dust upon being killed, so little information was gleaned from them. The human told of his people being captured and enslaved by an army of sinister men and hobgoblins. They dragged his people off in chains to the south. The following morning, the group saw a large fire burning on the horizon. As they approached the once thriving trading post of Que-shue, they discovered the stomach-turning devastation – mass graves and burned, chained bodies in the town center.

The group had a decision to make – turn south and follow the army or continue on their quest to the east. Believing their small group could do little against an obviously powerful army, they decided to find the swamp and the ruins within. The plainsman needed to try to save his people, so they wished him the best as he headed south towards where his people were being led and the lands of the elves. The group traveled east towards the mountains. As they approached the pass, they noticed a make-shift barricade staffed by more reddish-brown hobgoblins. A hasty plan involving a fake prisoner was discussed which quickly fell apart, as plans are wont to do whenever a kender and/or kobold are involved, and the group quickly sacked the small garrison.

The way through the mountains is now ahead of them. They’d better keep moving – that army may come back to find their dead comrades and probably wouldn’t be pleased.


Zayander Zayander

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