Fassiner Beltpouch

Map-collecting kender martial artist


Male kender; three feet tall, 45 pounds when wet. Like most kender, he wears his long hair in a topknot but, unusually, he shaves the sides of his head. Fas wears simple travelling clothes and carries a hoopak – a quarterstaff with a slingshot at one end. His prized possessions are his map collection, which he carries in a backback, and his kender pouch, which contains all manner of random odds and ends “picked up” on his travels.


Like all kender, Fassiner (Fass) was struck by wanderlust upon coming of age. His travels took him west from his home of Kendermore, through Balifor and Khur, and deep into the Khalkist Mountains. There, he came across a sight stranger than most he had seen; a citadel, high in the mountains, inhabited by bald, orange-robed warriors. For days, he observed their ordered daily routines from a hidden rocky outcropping; their harvesting, gardening, water-gathering, and meditation. Most of all, he was fascinated by their training drills. Every day, at dawn, the warriors shadow-boxed with their arms, legs, and quarterstaffs in sweeping, precise, synchronized motions. Demonstrating an unusually long attention span for a kender, Fass watched them for weeks and months, mimicking their movements with his hoopak, until it was almost as if he were training with them.

As winter approached, it was time for Fass to move on to the lowlands. On the morning he departed, he awoke to find a set of scrolls bound by an orange ribbon near his bedroll. Unrolling them, he found they contained dozens of pictograms of the techniques he had watched and imitated over the previous months. His warrior friends had left him a gift! He packed his scrolls with his map collection and headed west down the mountains into the plains

Fassiner Beltpouch

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