Zayander Lupigar

Druid of the Moon


Approximately six and a half feet tall, slightly greenish/grey tinge to his pale skin with coarse dark hair on his limbs, somewhat lanky with sinewed musculature. He sports a newer set of hide armor, carries a walking staff, has a crude but effective bone-handled scimitar on his hip, and an oblong bone and hide shield strapped to his back. On his head is what appears, at first blush, to be a deliberate tangle of twigs, leaves and feathers twisted into his hair. However, upon engaging in combat, he snaps his head forward and a ferocious primal mask locks into place over his face.


There’s a small shanty-town like settlement of ‘outcast’ races/individuals (half-elves, half-orcs, kender, maybe a minotaur or kobold or two, etc) a couple of days outside of anywhere. They scrape by, but just barely- maybe some minor crafts and trade with other local towns. Zayander is a druid of the Circle of the Moon and is the product of this place, which is why his heritage is a mix of various half-this and half-that’s.

His goal is to try to integrate these outcasts into wider regular society (but so far, little success). He’s been groomed to be a future ‘leader’ of the shanty town and mentored by the current bard/leader (mayor, if you need to call him something, but nothing so formal exists). More simply, he’s a shaman of the tribe. Generally reasonable and wise, seeking the most just outcome to a given situation, he does tend to become… violently passionate… when he feels “his kind” are being besmirched.

Zayander Lupigar

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