It is an age of despair and darkness, plague and famine. Over 300 years ago, a catastrophic disaster known as the Cataclysm occurred, shattering the very geography of Krynn. The Cataclysm and its aftermath have had wide repercussions, but one of the most sheltered places in the land has been the heroes’ home: the village of Solace. The heroes may have lived in Solace all their life or they may have made it their home in more recent

Solace is located on the eastern edge of a region called Abanasinia. A loose confederacy of independent towns and villages, Abanasinia was founded by merchants from the north fleeing the ravages of the Cataclysm and seeking trade with the indigenous people of the region known as Plainsmen.

Abanasinia is nestled in valleys within a low mountain range that frames a large forest called Darken Wood. The nominal capital of the region is a town to the southwest that calls itself the Lordcity of Haven (somewhat pretentiously in the style of the major capitals of the north.) Solace is known for being built into the trunks and limbs of enormous vallenwood trees. Heroes proficient in History know that Solace was once an elven village, hence its architecture. Indeed, all of western Abanasinia, including Darken Wood, were once part of an elven kingdom to the south called Qualinesti. As humans arrived from the north, some aggressively settled the northern regions of Qualinesti and a bloody war ensued. An
accord was eventually reached, and the humans were granted lands north of the White Rage River. However, countless lives from both sides were lost in Darken Wood, and legends say that the forest is haunted by the human and elven warriors who died there.

To the east of Solace lies the Plains of Abanasinia, home to the tribes of humans known as Plainsmen. These were the original inhabitants of Abanasinia with a culture akin to Native Americans, revering nature and the land. There is a mutually beneficial trading relationship between the western villages and the Plainsmen, but little interaction beyond this. Solace is a small village, numbering in the hundreds, but it is relatively diverse. It is predominantly human, but home to half-elves, hill dwarves, kender, and other races. Bands of elves have passed through from time to time, and Otik Sandath claims that a minotaur once stayed at his inn! During their time in Solace, the heroes became friends, united by their interest in the world beyond the borders of Abanasinia, and their concern for matters beyond village life.

Following the Cataclysm, the desperate people of Krynn turned to a plethora of false gods and cults. One group, known as the Seekers, has formed in Abanasinia and established a strong political hold in Haven. The heroes know that the Seekers are charlatans, ranging from the misguided to the exploitative; and that none are worthy of the faith that their people place in them.

The heroes have heard legends of “true gods” and their chosen clerics who could perform miracles of divine magic through the power of prayer. Perhaps these “true gods” could offer the guidance the people so desperately need? Concerned by the growing influence of the Seekers, the heroes decided to go their separate ways to explore the world and find evidence of the “true gods”. They agreed to meet back in Solace in five years to the day to share what they had learned. The campaign starts on that day as the heroes return home to Solace, the mighty vallenwoods in sight …

Dragonlance 5e

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