Auri has a sort of magnetism to her. She is attractive, but utterly unremarkable. Her neutral, generic features and fluid accent allow her to quickly shift personas. In one moment she can seem a haughty noble, and in the next a menacing lunatic.

This ability combined with her disguise kit and forgery skills have bamboozled many deserving people. And once the job is done, with a quick switch she is off to a new adventure.

She carries a lute, which she plays with a deftness beyond her years.


Until recently, Auri had few cares in the world beyond family and the fun of a good con, followed by a charitable spree or gifting a wedding feast. However, the last job went a bit too far, and bad information led to the ruin of what turned out to be a good man.

Mortified, Auri fled the town, leaving behind what she could but with a feeling that the debt might never be paid. Soon after, the village she was passing through came under attack and she was taken hostage along with the other women in the town. She did her best to keep spirits up while keeping a low profile.

When a band of adventurers rescued the group, she saw in them a chance to be part of a force for good. Auri’s quest is to make a difference in the world as penance for her deeds, and helping these savior peers seems to be her best chance to make that difference.


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